About me


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My name is Henry Vaage Iversen. I am 31 yrs old; I live in Sandnes, Norway. I am a masters student at the University of Stavanger taking a course in economics, majoring in strategy and management. I am also Co Founder and CFO of Boost AI. The company helps businesses to transform data into business decisions with machine learning.

I develop ambitious and realistic business visions, and translate these into strategies which are well understood and motivating for people in the organization to work towards.

My initiative is strong and I make things happen.

My team skills are excellent since I am able to share information on a effective way, able to take leadership if necessary, and I am supportive towards the team members.

Use the most relevant aspects of the working methodology lean, but also agile, theory of constraint and more.

Work with a high ethic and integrity, and with a transparent approach towards business partners, customers and colleagues.

Good understanding of human resources, and how to get the best of people.

I am happily married to Mona and together we have a lovely girl. I like to work out, play golf as well as watching sports on TV during my spare time. On Friday, I like to spend my time in the kitchen cooking food for friends and family.