Is 3D printing the start of a nanoeconomic era?

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is basically a production technique where an object is manufactured – layer by layer. This is in opposite to traditional manufacturing where objects are carved out of a bigger piece, and where there are many production steps and extensive use of machines and other resources. With 3D printing […]


Value stream mapping for a happy work place

Work life is today hectic for most, and businesses face challenges with globalizing and a highly competitive environment. With new technologies, things are changing fast. This puts a lot of stress on the work environment, and we know that this has an effect on people and their performance (Ijimker et al, 2007). My suggestion is […]


Lean methodology – introduction

Lean methodology is a hot topic in the Stavanger region nowadays. Many businesses implement Lean in order to be more effective. This blog post is an introduction to Lean and its history. The Lean methodology is Japanese and started with Toyota Production System (TPS). Eiji Toyoda was on a three-month trip to the US with […]


Marks and Spencer fashion casestudy

Marks & Spencer have been pioneers in the field of sourcing for many years and their practice makes valuable reading for managers all over the world. Their sourcing is regarded as best practice and has enabled M&S to build up a competitive advantage. This blog post will explore their sourcing strategies and how they manage […]


Master thesis 2016

When I started to think about a subject to my master thesis, I early decided to write about Lean, and came up with the following: How can the industry make use of additive manufacturing (also called 3D printing) in the context of Lean? 3D printing has been around for a couple of decades, but it […]

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Nudging is a tool used by a decision architects to gently push people to take the “right” decision. The point is not, to do something against peoples will, but encourage them to take better choices. I will briefly present choice architecture and nudging, and illustrate them with a couple of examples, and give inspiration on […]

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Introduction to Outsourcing

Welcome to my introduction to outsourcing – this is the first article of many on the subject. I will in the first article, concentrate on what outsourcing is and its purpose, in addition to seeing when outsourcing is applicable. Outsourcing is related to the «make or buy» dilemma. What should be done in-house and what […]